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Introducing “Here for good” season 2

A community’s future changes every second, with every new discovery. How do we meet challenges we can’t predict? We get good at thinking creatively. And we teach our kids to do the same: To ask questions and to pursue answers. To try, stumble, and try again. To love to learn.

Last year, through our “Here for good” campaign, STCU shared the stories of people in Spokane’s West Central neighborhood who were transforming their community. Now we shift our focus to a community of people who share a mission: learners and teachers, in schools and elsewhere, who provide the tools, space, and inspiration for investigation and invention.

These STCU members work in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. They are proof that creative thinking can lead to six-legged robots, Academy Awards, and other amazing things. They offer hope that the next generation of thinkers will keep exploring our world and changing our community – whatever it looks like – for the better. And that those thinkers, like their teachers, will be here for good.

Today I will find a way to help.

Read Hobbes’ story


Giver, Gizmo “makerspace” and wherever he goes

Today I will make learning fun

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Co-founder, MINDS-i Robotics

Today I will light a creative spark

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Director of Programs, Spark Center

Today I will preserve the past for a better future

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Archaeological Conservationist, Tahoe National Forest

Today we will inspire creative thinking.

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Barb & Marty

Founders, Gizmo Makerspace Coeur d'Alene

Today I will help a student uncover the mysteries of DNA

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Founder and teacher, NCHS Institute for Science and Technology

Season 1 : %22Here For Good%22 in West Central

You inspire change by investing in people. It’s happening in every community in our region, every day. These interconnected credit union members are part of a renaissance that is bringing change to Spokane’s West Central neighborhood after decades of decline. Working through nonprofits like Project Hope Spokane and established institutions like West Central Community Center, residents are building community gardens in vacant lots, helping teens learn life skills, cleaning up yards, and sponsoring community events that restore pride and hope. “You change a neighborhood by investing in the people who live and work there,” says Kate. They have help from STCU, a local financial cooperative that’s member-owned and not-for-profit.

Anyone can be #HereForGood

Do you know a teacher, volunteer, business owner, or nonprofit that’s always giving back, mentoring others, or lending a hand?

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