Empowered for good.

We serve, support, teach, inspire, build, and work at STCU.

STCU employees are here for good.

We all know people who choose to do good. They’re checking on neighbors, serving as mentors, volunteering in schools, using their talents wherever they’re needed. They’re building relationships that help make the region a great place to live, learn, play, and do business.

Over the past two years, our “Here for good” stories have celebrated STCU members who are transforming neighborhoods and finding creative ways to teach and learn. Now we’re telling the stories of our own team. They’re equipped with resources like time and training, but also with a shared vision: To be the most loved and valued financial relationship on earth.

For Keith, that means providing kids with the fundamentals of sound financial practices. For Debra, it’s finding a way to help when the community needs it most. For Jon, it’s showing compassion during hard times. And for Nikki and Brandy, it means a years-long commitment to helping young people achieve their greatest potential.

They’re serving the community with help of the not-for-profit cooperative where they’re members as well as employees. A credit union that’s here for good.

Today I will teach by example.

Keith budgets his money to turn his dreams into reality >>

Keith Appleton

Education Outreach Officer

Today I will find a way to help.

“When we see a need, we take the action.” >>

Debra Jackson

Consumer Lending Manager

Today I will show compassion.

Jon’s job is to help, not to judge >>

Jon Archuleta

Bankruptcy Officer

Today I will inspire a student.

Nikki and Brandy made a 10-year commitment to mentor >>

Brandy Schloss and Nikki Butler

Regional Managers

Today we will be here for good.

At STCU, we are here for good. Please join us!