Today I will teach by example.

Keith Appleton, Education Outreach Officer

Sharing the skills that turn dreams to reality.

Keith Appleton doesn’t mind spending money. But he hates wasting it. That’s why he’s been driving the same car for half of his life. That’s why he saved in advance to buy a top-end bike that would last. That’s why he tracks where every penny goes.

Keith is part of a team of STCU employees who teach financial education to adults and students throughout the region. Their efforts in 2016 alone reached more than 7,000 Inland Northwest residents, leaving them better equipped to make wise decisions when it comes to spending, saving, and sharing their money.

“It doesn’t matter where you are in your life,” Keith says. “There are going to be things that you could be doing better with your money.”

STCU takes the Money Live program on the road, asking high school students to make real-life financial decisions.

“The fact that STCU comes here is great for these kids at this small community and it really helps them to get a handle on the decisions that they’re going to have to make.”

                     Ryan Markel, Cusick High School

A student named Jade learned that raising children costs money. A lot of money.

“I’m very glad that I had this experience. It was super helpful. You need this to get far and ahead in life.”

‘I have been labeled as frugal. I’m more motivated by saving than I am about spending.’

One of Keith’s passions is mountain biking, and he saved money to purchase a high-end mountain bike.

One of the trade-offs? He has driven the same car for half of his life, and it is still his daily driver. “When you teach financial skills to others, it’s absolutely practice what you preach.”